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Common Problems of Road Stud

Apr 29, 2019 By: Dawsun Traffic

Low Shock Resistance of the Reflector

The key problem of the road studs sold in the market has low shock resistance, and more than 80% products have this problem. Most of the reflectors are welded into the body of the road stud by ultrasonic, and the reflectors will fall apart with the road stud body when shocked. If the road stud is emerged in rain, the reflector on it will be fade.

Testing method: do shock test on the road stud reflector, and draw out the white panel, then throw down a steel ball weighing 1kg vertical to the surface of the reflector, and emerge it into water, and then test the brightness of the reflector. If there is not water penetration, the brightness won’t decrease.

Common Problems of Road Stud

Bad Pressure Resistance of the Shell

The standard of pressure resistance of the road stud is over 16 tons, however, most of the road studs in the markets cannot meet the standard.

Fast Reflective Brightness Decay of the Reflector

The sand on the ground may wear and tear the reflective surface by the rolling of wheels, and the plastic reflector cannot anti-friction, and the brightness of the road stud will decay about 50% after 3 months’ working and lose the reflective effect. This problem can be solved by a transparent abrasion resistance layer on its surface.