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Aluminum Solar Road Stud DS-RS-D1

Material: Aluminum+PC
LED: Ultra bright diameter 5mm(4pcs or 6pcs)
LED Color: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White
Visual distance: >800m
Water proof: IP68
Resistance: >20T

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Aluminum Solar Road Stud DS-RS-D1 are made of solar panel, LED, lithium battery and aluminum shell.

Solar road markers absorb solar energy ,convert it into electricity, and finally turn on during night. It is known as innovative energy solution for increasing visibility and road safety and bringing down road accidents during night.

It is used in road construction to delineate road edges and centre lines.

Aluminum Solar Road Stud DS-RS-D1 are commonly used for a greater vision. Road Studs can be fixed easily and do not require electricity and best for all weather conditions.


  • 1.Solar panel: monocrystalline silicon,high conversion and charge efficiency.
  • 2.High temperature battery: work normally at high temperature
  • 3.Real reflector to ensure high reflective effect.
  • 4.Bullet LED has high brightness.
  • 5.Program PCB has high stability.
  • 6.Epoxy resin sealing to ensure IP68 waterproof.
  • 7.>20T compression resistance
  • 8.Can be installed in roadside,villa,park and other dark place