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Solar Road Traffic Signs – Others

Material: Aluminium&Galvanized sheet
Visual distance: ﹥800M
We can do any signs according to customers' special demand

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The advantages of solar traffic signs:

1. High brightness.
The ordinary traffic signs cannot give out light actively, and they can only reflect light, while the brightness of led solar road traffic signs can be up to 2000MCD, which can penetrate fog to guide the drivers and pedestrians effectively.
2. Energy saving.
The solar traffic signs absorb solar energy, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored in the battery in daytime, and blinking or lighting constantly at night. These traffic signs, which can be recycled and reused, are environmentally friendly and energy saving. 
3. Long visual distance.
The visual distance of ordinary traffic signs are only 100 meters or more, while that of the solar traffic signs are over 800 meters, 8 or more times of the former, which can let the drivers or pedestrians know the road condition in advance.

Features of solar road traffic signs:

1. Different sized to meet all clients’ needs.
2. Using solar energy, low energy consumption.
3. High brightness. All LEDs can autoluminate at night or bad weathers. 
4. Good resistance of high (low) temperature.
5. CE, ROHS and ISO9001:2000 verified.
6. Long visual distance of over 800 meters.